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Virtual Assistant Service

Our virtual assistants can help you grow your business by eliminating the need to spend valuable time on administrative tasks which do not require strategic decision making.

Let our virtual assistants take care of you!

Uassist.ME provides virtual assistance services in English and Spanish to simplify the complexities of your daily business life. We offer the best virtual assistants because our company is built upon our business experience looking for and failing to find the virtual assistant services that we needed.

Discover What Virtual Assistants Can Do

You may be wondering why you need a virtual assistant. An online virtual assistant can save you up to 77% per year by outsourcing non-core activities, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Not to mention that with one of our online personal assistants, you can receive a wide variety of services.

Our virtual assistance services include bookkeeping services, administrative assistance, translations, customer service, and billing and collecting. We also offer a range of specialty services including technical development, graphic design, website content development, and general website development.

We recognize that you lead busy lives, often cluttered with essential, but less important tasks. Our virtual assistants are here to drastically reduce that clutter.

Learn About Our Process

When working with us, we understand the importance of matching our clients to the ideal virtual assistant. After our clients have selected one of our tiered plans, scaled for a variety of company needs, we begin the selection process.

We work with you to interview our available virtual assistants until you find the candidate that best matches your needs. Once you’ve selected the ideal assistant for your particular situation, we’ll work with you to begin delegating tasks.

Adjusting to delegating may take some time, but the savings that result from using our virtual assistants more than make up for any adjustment period.

Begin the process of simplifying your life by requesting a free consultation today. We’ll help you see how you can best use our services. Call us at +1 (305) 507-8406 to find your personal assistant.

Our Services

  • Administrative assistance
  • Calendar and meeting administration
  • Social media maintenance
  • Translations
  • Billing and collecting
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Customer service
  • Real estate assistance services
  • Transcriptions
  • Answering services
  • Email management

Specialty Services:

  • Writing (blogs, press releases, articles, website content, SEO content writing, etc.)
  • Graphic design (branding, logo design, illustration, web design, etc.)
  • Programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, ASP.NET)
  • Inquire more about these services here.

If you are interested in any of our services, you can check our design & development prices HERE

Do you need a specific service that you don’t see listed?. Feel free to inquire here. We have numerous team members that have backgrounds in business, marketing, communications, design, translations, customer service, and law, and can likely find a great match for you.


The process of hiring a virtual assistant with us is quick and simple. Choose one of our plans, meet your assistant and get started.


Find out which plan make the most sense for you. See plans here.


Interview different assistants to find your best fit.


We'll help you understand how to delegate and get started.



Take this 1-minute survey to find out and get “The Ultimate Guide to Efficiency Hacking”. A Virtual Assistant helps you develop your business, adapting to your needs and making your life easier.