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Back Office Support & Virtual Departments

It doesn’t matter if you want to outsource one whole department or a few positions from different departments, we’re here to make it happen.
At Uassist.ME we have teams ranging from one person to teams over 25 people.

We create ad-hoc solutions to our customers, as we know every business is a different world. Whether you start with a few employees and work your way up to a complete team, or start right off the bat with a full team, our supervisors and project managers will make sure that this important transition is a success. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be saving money on salaries, benefits, office space, recruiting fees, etc. Our current customers are saving up to 75% when outsourcing their teams to Uassist.ME.

Our goal is to make your business grow. Our experience has shown us that the best strategy is to work with the same passion and dedication that our clients have for their businesses. We have a fast-learning team with a wide variety of expertise and capabilities that are committed to help you and your business to go to the next level.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

The Client

A fast growing Franchisor Company with a clear business model that aims to grow in a linear, organic way —and has proven to be successful achieving that goal. They founded their first beauty studio on 2008. 8 years later they have franchised more than 160 studios and are developing more than 360 new ones.

The Situation

After founding their own 3 beauty studios, in 2010, our client decided that, in order to the company to grow and become an acclaimed franchise, they needed help in an important number of operational and financial tasks. As their business model has always been remote, our client sought help from assistants in Pakistan, but their work was not efficient enough for the franchisor needs, so our client decided to change their personnel and chose UAM.

Teamwork’s Beginnings

The UAM team started helping our client’s company with 2 full-time dedicated business assistants in 2012. In that time, the company owned 25 franchises. The UAM team provided help to the franchisees in all their development states and proved to be a great ally in the business growth. Now, the company franchises in 160 established beauty studios and guides the 360 franchises in their own Discover Journey: a guided process to establish and grow their business. The team has also grown: now it consists of 13 BAs dedicated to the company’s success. They help in multiple areas: administration, logistics, and even recruiting. They offer “Broker education” to financial consultants, administrative advice, operations support, marketing (setting and supervising brand standards) and help franchisees to follow the due protocols.

The Results

The company won a 2015’s Top New Franchise Award for its great business model. The UAM Team has helped the company to maintain their standards and operations in a smooth, cooperative environment. The Operations BAs had helped to raise the franchisees revenues on a monthly basis and improve their business constantly. They had guided the partners to open a brand new store (and all the paperwork it implies) in not more than 90 days—which is a feat the team is proud of, as each one of the BAs is compromised with the company and its future projects.

Our client thinks that their UAM Team is an extension of their own office, part of the family.

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