Inc.’s most promising young entrepreneurs, class of 2012, includes the founders of Pinterest, Spotify, and 28 other awesome, visionary outfits, including Uassist.ME.

Alfredo Atanacio was disappointed with the cultural and language barriers of virtual assistants in Asia, so he started Uassist.ME with Rodolfo Schildknecht. The company hires VAs in El Salvador to assist executives all over the world. Read More


Letter by President Obama

We received a letter signed by President Obama, congratulating us for our involvement in generating jobs and being successful young entrepreneurs. Click here to read the letter.


Founder Alfredo Atanacio featured in CNN’s “Fuerza en Movimiento”

CNN’s series “Fuerza en Movimiento” or “Fuerza en Movimiento” began in February 2014 as a part of CNN’s business section for CNN in Spanish; it basically shows the biggest and most important growing economies in Latin America, featuring some of the most successful entrepreneurs and their businesses. Fuerza en Movimiento features these entrepreneurs in a “Round Table”, talking about the challenges to overcome in an emerging economy. It came as no surprise to us here at Uassist.ME that our founder, Alfredo Atanacio, was invited as a part of the panel, to talk about all the obstacles that he faces in our country, but also uncover the secret to investing in new businesses.

Read the complete article HERE.


Alfredo Atanacio featured in Noobpreneur: 11 Things You Should Do Before Hiring Overseas

Noobpreneur is a small business blog offering tips and ideas for small business owners and entrepreneurs; this time it features our founder and CEO in its article “11 Things You Should Do Before Hiring Overseas”. In this article many entrepreneurs give tips about all things that need to be considered before hiring employees to work remotely.

Alfredo offers his insight, he mentions that one of the most important things is to look in places close to the country where you are located; you want to make sure your work culture and way of living is similar, that way things will run smoothly.

To learn more about what Alfredo and other experienced entrepreneurs have to say on the subject, check out the article HERE.


Uassist.ME ready to broaden operations in El Salvador

Uassist.ME founders are getting ready to launch in the last quarter of 2014 the new business center POINT. POINT features a new concept in business including virtual and physical offices but also “Co-working” something innovative in Central America.

Alfredo Atanacio Co-founder of both Uassist.ME and POINT explains that Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared environment; Atanacio’s goal is to encourage business relationships. Typically this type of office is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel and frequently end up working in relative isolation.

To find out more about POINT click HERE.


Uassist.ME an innovative business model.

Uassist.Me is a company that offers virtual assistants for anyone that wants to outsource. Starting out with only 4 employees and 2 clients, Uassist.ME now helps employ close to 100 Salvadorians serving over 300 clients in all continents except for Antarctica. About his business model, Founder Alfredo Atanacio insists that new technologies have made it easier for people to start their business as everyone has access to the same tools. In this article he emphasizes how a company is only as good as its employees, shares his opinion on education and the importance of learning a second language. Read more.



Poder Magazine is the leading Latino Magazine in the United States. Read this 2 page article about Uassist.ME and our road to success. Read more.



Listen to Alfredo Atanacio, Uassist.ME´s COO, talk about his experience as an entrepreneur and how he and his partners went from having no clients the first six months, to building a successful business. Click here for more.


El Mundo

Jul 6, 2012

PROESA (El Salvador´s Official Exports and Investments Agency), and Diario El Mundo (One of El Salvador´s leading newspapers), congratulate Uassist.ME´s founders for the award received by INC Magazine. Read PROESA´s press release here.


La Prensa Grafica

La Prensa Gráfica, the most prestigious newspapers in El Salvador, talks about our first clients in Asia.



Thrillist, a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand, talks about Uassist.ME and the pleasures of having a virtual assistant. See the full article here.


Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive magazine wrote an article on Uassist.ME´s innovative business model. Check out the article here.


The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald, the biggest newspaper in South Florida, hosts a Business Plan Challenge. In 2009, Uassist.ME participated and won the People´s Pick Award.


The Next Web

Uassist.ME was featured on the in the article “8 SaaS products managing customer data” sharing with the world the best way to keep track of our clients’ information. Read the full story.



Uassist.ME was featured on in the article “13 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customer Today”. We explained how we spoil our clients!

Check it out here.



Uassist.ME was featured on the article “15 crazy company culture perks that paid off”, take a sneak peek into our company’s culture here.



Uassist.ME was featured on the article of The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) provides a list of “14 Reasons to Give an Employee a Raise.” Read all about it here.