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We only have two months into this New Year, how are you doing? If you’re not happy with your progress, here are some great ideas for getting your profits moving fast the way you want it.

1. Spend Three Hours A Day Calling Potential Buyers

The 80% of businesses you know suffer from the owner not spending enough time connecting with people who can write a check. This is important for your business because it’s not only potential people that help in your business, it’s also people that will protect your business and your best interests. If your business isn’t growing then get on the phone and reach out to potential clients. See the results later, you will regret nothing.

2. Do Low Cost Google Adwords Experiments

One of the best aspects of Google Adwords is that it’s so cheap to try it out. You and your business don’t need thousands of dollars to be wasted on your website and not have a useful feedback or even the people who have visited your website get the best user experience. It’s easy to find some good instructional videos about Adwords online or you can go where someone who has more information about Google Adwords and ask them to help you. For many entrepreneurs the switch to Adwords has revolutionized their business.

3. Work Only On a New Business Until 11 A.M

It’s important to have a schedule so that you can focus on things that matter. If you have too much paperwork, meetings and bureaucracy, you’re doing it wrong. Too often entrepreneurs get caught up in all this non sales related activities then suddenly realize the day has ended and the company once again has not increased its revenue. This needs to stop. For the sake of your business, you need to organized and one of the best ways to do that is to have a rule that you and the key stakeholders in your company spend your mornings until 11am on income increasing activities. Unless you do this important stuff first each day you will usually find it doesn’t get done at all.

4. Constantly See Yourself As A Top Level Entrepreneur

Sometimes it’s hard to be on the other side of the things we want to see, because the things we see, we see it in a different level and it’s difficult to have a judgment about what we do. You will only be as successful as your self-identity allows. Be careful about what you think about yourself. Work on your self-image, treat yourself as a top level business person and then behave in accordance with that vision. At the end of the day, the business success is a mental game, so play hard.