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  • Team Member Highlight: Meet Jaqueline Vicente
  • Nickname: Jackie
  • Background: Bachelor’s degree in Law
  • Position in Customer Relations Manager
  • What she actually does: Customer relations, billing, invoicing, VOIP support
  • If you could communicate with any type of animal, which one would it be and what would you say? I have always liked marine biology so I would like to ask a wale about the amazing life, and wonders under the sea we do not know about. If any mythological creatures do or have existed, I’d love to be one of those.
  • What would you do if you had a million dollars? I would purchase a house and take a small trip with my husband to a favorite destination. 
  • How would other people describe you in three words? Funny, Cooperative, Determined.
  • What I love about my job is…I get to do things out of my comfort zone, which encourages me to learn new things, take risks, and connect with people that inspire me.
  • What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had in Uassist.ME? I once had to help book spiritual healings for an Aztec medicine man, an Aztecan Shamanic healer. It was very interesting to learn a little bit about how this knowledge is passed on to him by his ancestors, and gained respect for honoring his roots in these modern days.
  • Any final thoughts? Uassist.ME is a great place to work at!