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Sometimes our routine doesn’t let us see that we can have extra time if we delegate some tasks, and these tasks can be done for professionals who have the experience in the areas that you need help, if you delegate those assignments you can have more time to concentrate on the main objectives of your project. Also, good delegation helps you optimize your time so you don’t feel overstressed. Sometimes there are too many duties that take half of the day to do and at the end of the day you feel like you did nothing relevant to your project, hence they add no value to the project.

How to delegate

Evaluate what the main goals of your project are and what you to focus on, so you will determine which pointers really need to be done by you and what you can delegate.

Share your vision: giving out a glimpse on why you’re delegating a task and why you’re expecting to have the best results for the overall project, but most importantly, why you believe in the person that you’re delegating part of your job. This is not just a task; it’s a responsibility that you’re giving out to a member of your team. This is an important part to get motivated.

Provide support when you delegate a task, don’t forget to give out as much information as possible, because with more information provided, you will have better results.

Finally, good communication is key. Good communication means provide proper information about the project and have the possibility to track the progress of the project or assignments from time to time. Platforms such as Skype, GTalk, Google Docs, Basecamp and Evernote can help you track the project.