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Do you want to finish a task? Coffee or RedBull are not enough to motivate you? Well, there’s something that could pump up your energy at a low price: Music!

Music improves focus, increases motivation and creativity, but for the most part: It can change your mood, so probably music is one of the best tools to get your team motivated.

 How music can increase your productivity?

 Look for the correct earphones and volume

Look for noise-cancel earbuds some people really love this kind of earphones because it’s just them, their music, and their job, they just need to find the appropriate tunes with the correct volume and they are ready to go, it’s just a matter of creating your own balance.

 Create playlists on Spotify or iTunes


Pick a day of the week and take the time to create a playlist, we recommend music without lyrics so you don’t get distracted by the lyrics and get focused and driven by the rhythm.



Discover new music on 8Tracks

Get To Work (Extended) from MichaelAugustMiller on 8tracks Radio.

If you don’t have time to create playlists, you can try 8tracks. 8Tracks helps you to find playlists that suit your mood with your very favorite music.

The most important thing:

Enjoy your work, boost your productivity and have fun!

 Here are some music apps we strongly and gladly recommend: