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If you have your business, you know how time consuming and busy you might be during the day to track either your employee’s productive working time, or even check if that other flight you wanted to book will be arriving on time.

There are however some apps which might help you save time to create reports, scheduling, creating reports and more.



Ever wondered where your time goes when you are at work? Rescue Time sits silently in the background, while it records your activities. It can differentiate between tabs and browsers, and if you desire, you can also add a reminder for to help you focus your time.

RescueTime sends a weekly summary report to your mail, where it ranks the time specified as productive or distractive. And of course, RescueTime works with groups and teams.



This is another travel app. Uber is your personal on demand private driver app. While you can’t reserve the service in advance, you may request your pick up once you are close to the time you need it. Pick up time is from 5-12 minutes depending on what part of the states you are in, and you will get a text with the estimated arrival text. Oh! And you don’t like to go around walking with cash in your pockets? No problem, Uber will charge your credit card directly. There’s is also no need to tip the driver!


Cisco WebEx

WebEx is a web-based webinar system. What’s great of it though, is that you can use it from your iPhone, android or even BlackBerry, if you have Wi-Fi or any other sort of connection enabled. The betst of it? You just have to log into your account, no download required.  What about the participants? They don’t need to sign up, they can just join the webinar online.



Roambi is a secure hosted service which transform the data from different spreadsheets, like Google, Excel, even Salesforce CRM’s into interactive visualizations. That way you can create business reports in a very fast and easy way. It also lets you share information like graphics, editiorials and more, with your co-workers to analyze or work with the data provided.


Dragon Dictation

Have you ever had the need to dictate your assistant a letter, or an idea you want to have on a written media? Well, Dragon Dictation allows you to speak, and instantly see the text you are writing. And it’s even 5 times faster than typing on the keyboard!