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If someone paid me for the time I spent surfing on the waves of social networks had be rich. You know what happens, you turn the computer on with the mind set to work on something, you name it, but suddenly, without even realizing it, we are sharing posts, pinning on boards or re-twitting no matter what. Social network caught you like those insectivorous plants catches insects. Ha! We are slowly directed into the arms of our entertaining social media profiles.


See why is important for your business social networks to be memorable and catchy? More and more people are spending more time on them, therefore it’s a good idea not to let pass this amazing opportunity to reach to your consumers. Now, when it comes to these important tools, which are the ever evolving social media, wouldn’t it be good to be informed on the changes that will occur on them? Which new features and benefits will bring to your business in 2013. What does social media bestows for humanity this year?

  • Pinterest ‘News’ feature to improve content discovery. Pinterest has created the ‘News’ feature specifically to make relevant and interesting content to be easier to find. An article published in Mashable explains how it will work: “The feed displays boards where your recent pins have been repined, creating a feed of potentially relevant content that users can peruse from their own profiles or those of others.” As easy as that! Pinterest is like the sleeping beauty that no one expected to wake up; but now is turning vital in social networking business. The ‘News’ feature started being tested with certain amount of users on January and there not a specific date as to when it will be rolled out the entire network.
  • Facebook introduces Graph Search. People always finds something new from their friends or about a business on Facebook, if you have your own business page for sure you want a lot of people to find it to see it. Graph Search do that, it makes it easier for the people to discover your business and learn more about it. Although this feature is by now only available in beta, if you want to learn more about it you can click here.
  • Twitter has become such an important and vital social media platform for business that Twitter Inc. is expecting to generate at least $1 billion in sales by 2014. The demand of advertising has been so high that it anticipates growing fast, which has positioned it to become an integral social media plan for important brands as well for small business.
  • LikedIn finally evolutions to a social network. At the beginning, Linked In was only a professional site just for job seeking, but now it’s more than that, so the company has set up a few changes to make it more social, like the “news feed” feature similar to the one on Facebook. According to a Mashable article, 2013 will welcome a more social LinkedIn helping people build their own personal brand and at the same time will allow them to connect and share. Some of the updates include a new look to the Profile Pages and easier page editing. According to Jeff Weiner LinkedIn CEO “LinkedIn is about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale.”