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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the projects, tasks, and meetings that you need to complete at work? We have all been there. I testify! Aside of that, time flies! There are so many things to do and no time. You might have ended up with a headache or pain in the neck and elbows due to a long project and subsequently after a whole day at work. Relaxing a few minutes while on your work will help you. In this post, you´ll learn a few tricks to ease up your day.

According to an infographic published by Online University, three out of four US citizens say work is stressful, and one out of those four say businesswoman-relaxing-mdit’s the most stressful thing in their lives. And this is not all, bet you didn’t know that 1 million workers call in sick to work every day due to stress issues.

Work related stress can cost US employers $200 billion per year in stress related expenses. That’s the same amount of money 5 million average North Americans will make in a whole year. It seems that, as years go by, our lives get more and more hectic. According to an article published by The American Institute of Stress  the levels of stress a worker might have “has escalated progressively over the past few decades”. The main causes of stress are workload with 46%, People issues with 28%, Juggling work/personal life with 20%, and lack of job security with 6%.

Pandemonium! You´re one step away from running out from your desk and never look back. But there are good news my friends! Good time management and some minutes to clear up your head will reduce your stress. Believe it or not, there are several apps to relax while in the office, without affecting your productivity.

Here are 6 apps/online tools that can help you do the trick:

–        Relax Lite: Stress Relief. This application will help you relax in five minutes with a relaxation therapy that can easily be integrated to your day to day, busy life. The application includes guided breathing exercises along with calming music to get rid of all tensions, improve focus and even to help insomnia. You can find it here to give it a try.

–        20 Cubed (for Chrome). This little extension will help you remember that taking little breaks during your work day is beneficial to enhance your productivity and be more alert and focus, even if it’s for seconds. After adding the extension to Chrome, 20 Cubed will pop up and prompt to you distract a bit by looking at an object at least 20 meters away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

–        Do nothing for 2 minutes. This web page is simple; just take to minutes of your time to breath along the sound of the waves here. Imagine that you are at the beach, with a margarita feeling the wind on your face (even if, in real life, the wind comes from the A/C). The word “Fail” will appear in the page if you try to do something during those 2 minutes.

–        Relaxing Zen Sounds (for Chrome). This one is similar to the previously suggested app. The difference is that you can choose between 5 screens and sounds to distract your mind. You can use this extension to conciliate your sleep at night.

–        Paper Toss. You can play a game for a few minutes! With this simple game you will be able to distract your busy mind for a while trying to toss a piece of paper into a trash can. Old fashioned but catchy and fun. Find it by clicking here.

–        5 Minutes Headache Relief. If it’s too late and you already have a headache, you can purchase this app for $4.99 that will give you some relaxing techniques to help you get rid of the pain. You can buy it here.