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There are many programs out there, either free or paid (at a very decent amount of money, we may add), that can help you get your business more organized, can help it grow or simply can help you gain more recognition. Most of them are also really user-friendly, and of course they do have their support lines always open for you to answer your questions (this is, after all, one of the advantages to pay for a service). Check out our top picks for under $30!


  • Freshbooks:

This service has invoice templates. It will let you create clients, add products, and finally, send the invoices via email to your customers. It is simple, concise and will help you get organized.

Check it out:

  • InfusionSoft (CRM)

This CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is really multi-functional! In fact, they define themselves as the all-in-one sales and marketing software. It can be set up to take payments, which will let you store the customer’s information in a database. The payments can be set up to be taken as recurring, you can add different products, and get also a sales report. At the same time, you will be able to create bulkmails and send it to your already paying customers, set up automated phone calls, newsletters, and more.

You can watch a product demo in here:

  • Webcart Premium

If you are a coach, a speaker, a teacher, etc., and want to sell your classes, Webcart Premium is one of the easiest way to do so. Why? You don’t need to know how to program a website. Webcart Premium lets you easily upload your content, and manage the access and prices you give to your customers.

Take it for a spin:

  • Skype

This one simply doesn’t need any futher introduction, does it? If you haven’t used their paid service yet, paying for Skype calls will reduce your phone bill drastically if you have to do international calls. There are also new add-ons out there that allow you to record calls, set-up voicemails, and more.

 Needless to say, go to for more info.

  •  Basecamp

Basecamp helps you keep track of your projects. It will also let you exchange files and documents, and set milestones with your co-workers, either in-house or outsourced. (Small tip: This is a perfect – and very popular – solution for tracking the efficiency ofyour virtual assistant!)

Find out more:

  •  MailChimp

If you need to create newsletters for thousands of clients (or just for a selected few), MailChimp is just perfect for you. It already has templates which you can use to create Newsletters or Mails. It also lets you create different groups to send email to (for example, if you have free users on your website, and premium users). You can have your mails sent out to different clients in just a couple of clicks – and at an affordable price!

 Check it out:

  • Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software. It is very simple to use, and it really does help you to keep track of the money you invest or the money you receive. Disorganized? Messy? Well, this tool can be VERY powerful to help you get set up.


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