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If you use a smartphone (and who doesn’t nowadays?) you may be constantly looking out for interesting or funny apps to use. Not necessarily apps to actually help you or organize your life exclusively, but apps that might let you communicate or have fun, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for example.



Tango is a free video communications service usable on different devices, ranging from iPod, tablets, and even PC. Tango allows you also to chat, share pictures, and even play games with another Tango user!


Google maps

Google maps works similar to its web-based version. It will detect where you are currently located, and then draw a line where to the place where you need to go. You can check public transportation routes, or choose to change to a satellite view with only one button.



If you are into music, Spotify is the way to go. “Soundtrack your life”  is their motto. For a small fee, you can create a playlist on your computer for example, and then use your phone to wirelessly sync your playlist from spotify. You can even listen to it offline with no data charges! Of course, if you have a data plan, you can also stream online. After all, Spotify has literally millions of mp3’s available for you.



Do all of your friends have an iPod? Or do they prefer Androids and Blackberries? With WhatsApp you will be able to chat with all of your friends, regardless which smartphone you use. You can create a group of friends to chat with them, send pictures, music files and more. You don’t even have to add your friends as contacts! As long as you have their phone number, WhatsApp will automatically detect if they are using WhatsApp, and will add them to your contact list.



Do you travel often? If you are lucky enough to do so, TripIt simplifies the way you can organize your traveling information. You just forward your flight, hotel, and other confirmation e-mails to, and TripIt combines them into one organized itinerary. TripIt is also nice enough to add information such as weather, maps, and driving directions.


Around Me

This app is only available for Apple products; it is however still worth of mentioning. As the name implies, it provides access to local information about the place around the world you are currently located. In different languages.

AroundMe has a specific list of the places you can look for. Need an ATM do go to the bar where your friend is waiting for you? Well, look it up using AroundMe. It will show you the nearest ATM from where you are at at the moment.



EverNote is one of those apps only available for Apple products. You should still check this one out. It works as a personal agenda. You can takes notes and pictures, create a to-do list, set up a voice reminder, and more. You can also sync the notes on your PC or other devices. It is a true gem for your personal – and corporate – life.

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