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As your business grows, you may need to hire more people to help you out with the different tasks you  have. With more workforce at your disposal, you may even want to start working on various other projects you have in mind.

However, doing so will require for you to organize your time and the time your employees will need to spend working on your different tasks or projects. Luckily, there are a lot of different online tools which are used to keep track of your projects and the time spent on them. How do they work?  Well, for starters, all of them let you assign tasks to different people. You will be able to set milestones for every project (or individual task). They will also daily send updates to your e-mails as reminder to the people involved in the projects. All of them also have the capacity to pull up reports which will help you measure your employee’s efficiency. Let´s take a look at 5 different task management online programs and their different features, which you may find useful.



If you have small business, Asana will be just perfect for you. Why? The free version of Asana, allows you to have up to 30 members. That means, you can add 30 different employees in your “to-do” list, and assign them projects. Asana allows an e-mail integration, which means that you will be able to create, assign, complete, comment, and attach tasks directly from your inbox instead of logging in. Another great addition to this is their Android and Ipad compatibility. This makes Asana very accessible for you and your employees.


Teamwork Live

Teamwork Live will let you upload documents, files, and videos. Instead of charging you for members, they will charge you depending on the storage size you may want to have (there is a 50 member limit on their paid option though). Having an online storage is great because it allows other users to access  the files you upload. That means that you won’t have to fear your files won’t get to the assigned person due to their email limitations for example.

Teamwork Live’s interface is also really simple and intuitive to use. Once you end your task, you can just upload the finished file, add a comment, and check it off. This will then send an e-mail to the person who assigned the task, to let him or her know, that a task has been completed.



Basecamp limits the projects you can manage according to the pricing (instead of limiting customers like the other first two options). Similar to Teamwork Live, it will allow you to have up to 100GB of file storage. Now the difference here, is that you will be able to create online text or excel files, similar to Google Docs. That means that you won’t even have to upload the documents you have been working on.

You will be able to see the daily progress of the different tasks, and pull up reports to compare the time spend on each of the different task.



What makes Zoho stands out from the rest of the task management software’s, is their so called “wiki” feature. As the name implies, you will be able to create a knowledge base using photos and videos, and use it as an intranet for your team to see.

Zoho also offers a chat option, which will allow you and your different employees to discuss in real time instead of using emails or leaving comments to communicate. As all the previous software’s, it will allow you to pull up a report of the completed tasks and its time taken. But you will be able to record the billing hours of each of your employees.

The tags you can assign are quite colorful (and therefore easy to distinguish), and if you don’t like the colors, don’t worry. Zoho let’s you customize your interface, which is a really nice detail.



TeamLab allows you to synchronize your Google drive and your Dropbox account with it. Similar to Google docs, you will need to grant access or permission to any other user to modify or see your uploaded files.

You can create “blog entries” in Teamlab, which can be then read and commented by other users. This should be really useful when trying to communicate certain experiences or thoughts to your co-workers. Teamlab has also an integrated forum option, where you can just split the polls in “Most Asked Questions”, or “Customer Care” for example.  Also, don’t forget to check the bookmark option. This should make you tracking the tasks you are most interested in easier.


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