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When you spend 45+ hours weekly sitting in your office working and not eating healthy (or eating whenever you have time), you may feel sometimes like that many hours without physical activity and fast food is taking a toll on your body. Well, there are several smartphones app you can use to keep yourself in shape without really loosing time looking for what food you need to eat or what exercises to do. These sort of apps will also help you manage your time to fit in your busy schedule.
 Noom Weight Loss

This app allows you to have a personalized and interactive weight loss plan. You can set up a weight-loss goal, and then check the progress since the app will track the food and daily exercise you do. There are even reminders you can set up, to remind you to go to the store and buy those fruits you need, or to track the time you should start working out. You can also connect to different forums they have, and discuss with other people!


My Net Diary

My Net Diary allows you to enter your weight and your desired weight-loss. Then you have to schedule a calendar on the website and enter the food you plan to consume. When entering the menu you plan to follow through your day or week, My Net Diary will automatically search in its database for the food. You will then get a list of the calories that piece of meat you want to eat contains, and it will sum it up to the apple you plan to eat as dessert. That way you can easily calculate your calorie loss and track your progress.



Jefit is a workout tracker. Ever felt the only thing you really need to exercise is a certain part of your body, like for example, your arms? Well, Jefit is a fitness, exercise and body building app. You can select what part of your body you want exercises for, and you will get a workout plan which focuses specifically that area. You can keep track of your body stats and your workout routines of course.



Endomondo works a little bit different than the other listed apps. Ever felt you need a little bit of extra motivation to keep your exercise up? Well, Endomondo includes a built in GPS, which works with Google Maps, to keep track of your workout history (if you are a runner, biker or walker). You can create an account on their website, and Endomondo will then post your achievements on their website, where you will be able to track your statistics, and also see the statistics of your friends.

You get also to participate in challenges, which of course are determined by Endomondo’s tracking system. 


Want to start working out, but don’t know how? Dailyburn is perfect for you! For a monthly fee, you get a personal trainer who will help you providing you with workout exercises, and weekly challenges. As with previous apps, you will be able to get statistics of your progress over email. What is great of having a personalized attention, is that you will even get recipes and recommendations to help you keep in form.


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