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As many of you already know, a virtual assistant (VA) is someone who provides clerical, administrative or technical assistance, just like a regular assistant would, with the difference that they operate remotely.

You may be wondering what are the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant instead of an in-house person that could be at the same office as you. Easy: let’s check at these five benefits that you get when hiring one – some of the most popular reasons our clients look for our company.

1. Save money:  Since a virtual helper works from a distance, the obvious advantage that you get is that you will not need to buy new equipment, you will save on infrastructure, law requirements and other benefits.  There will be no need to get a computer, a desk, a chair, or any office supply at all for your assistant

2.  Save time:  Time is definitely a key element in making your business grow. A virtual assistant will save you time incredibly, because you can delegate tasks to your VA and focus all your energies and time on other aspects of your business: strategizing, meetings, growing up your client list, etc. (A little hint from the inside: some of the most popular ouotsourced activities are taking messages, online research, website maintenance, social media maintenance and writing/translating)

3. Increase productivity: A capable assistant will take care of duties that consume your time and affect your productivity, which means that you will be able to focus more on the productivity of your business, instead of spending your time addressing minor details of your business.

4. Save frustration: You can save frustration from two angles (or more actually, but we’d like to touch base on two for the purposes of thing blog):

1) it could be really frustrating to look at the long to-do list every morning and realize that the day doesn’t have enough hours to complete that list and

2) you don’t have to deal with your employee’s daily work. Many people simply don’t have the time to be overseeing that their in-house employee complies with the assigned tasks, let alone… how does one do when an employee is sick or has had a crisis? Business doesn’t stop – and that is why having a virtual assistant (with a team having his/her back) is a great idea.

5. Flexibility: You can hire a permanently, per season or by a certain amount of time per day. It depends on what works better for you.

Bear in mind: These are ONLY five benefits among many others that business people can take advantage of. There may be many others, which depend solely of 1) the goals that you have for this position and 2) your specific business niche.

TIP: Speaking to a professional in this area that has had prior experience with VAs or getting a full-list of the duties an assistant can help you with is very helpful – you’d be suprised what you can find in there.

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