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Every driver must haves – Apps that belong on your way!

Are you driving yourself crazy on your way to work because of the horrible traffic?

We all know that driving is one of the most tedious activities of our daily routine and if we take into consideration the heavy traffic it IS in fact VERY stresstful.

So what options do we have to make this activity easier and less stressful? Of course talking on the phone or texting and driving is definitely a NO! But that’s not a reason to cut off all technology out of our driving experience.

Nowadays, we have countless apps that can make our driving experience much more enjoyable and can even help us reduce the time we spent in traffic and save us some money on gas.

Here are some of our recommendations that every driver should try:

Inrix Traffic App. Provides a map of live traffic similar to what you’ll find in Google Maps or the iOS Maps app. Inrix, however, goes several steps further with options like comparative traffic, predicted traffic, and an incidents report.

Car Finder. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “where’s my car?”, then there’s an app to help with this, Car Finder uses GPS to fix the position of your vehicle, which shows on a map. If you are on a parking meter you can switch on a timer to receive an on-screen warning when the meter is about to expire. You can also check “Car Locator” for androids.

AccuFuel. This app can keep track of what you spend on all of your cars and gives you instant feedback while driving. You can switch between SAE, imperial and metric fuel use, and the app also includes a resettable odometer. Fuel-fill records can be stored for multiple cars too. Texting is a distraction that can cause you to lose focus and get into an accident; so this app will help you by keeping you on top of your messages without losing focus on the road. reads your text (SMS) messages and emails out loud and can make an automatic response without requiring the driver touch the phone.

iGasUp. This app is for drivers who simply want the cheapest gas at a near location, also, there’s the iPhone app iGasUp. It displays the 10 nearest fuel stations and their prices, derived from the same pricing service that supplies the AAA and satellite companies.

TripAlyzer. If you’ve got a favorite route and drive it often, the TripAlyzer can coach you to get the best fuel efficiency and therefore the cheapest route. The app is designed to analyze your driving habits, calculating how efficiently you use your fuel and how much you’ve spent.

Have a safe trip!

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